Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Closing the gate on 2008

We're having a fairly mellow New Years Eve this year, there will be no Party-Slava a la 2006/7. In fact, we've been pretty mellow since Christmas and I have enjoyed doing not much apart from drinking tea, spending the day in trackpants, baking....ok really mostly eating, reading, music listening to and hanging out with my favourite (who is on holiday, wahoo!).

Our Christmas was lovely, we ate pancakes while wearing our new sheepskin slippers (thank you Grandma!) and ventured out to see Frost Nixon in the evening. Who would've thought I'd cry over Richard Nixon.

Some present favourites...

- the stocking Richard sewed and embroidered for me
- yarn gift certificates
- the slippers
- the softest, softest cardy from Jigsaw (thank you Dad and Bev!)
- a lovely print
- fantastic Daiso calender
- Neil Young songbook
- lots of baking, chocolate and Icelandic vodka!
- owl undies! (Thanks Mum!)

The above* + movies + cheap champagne + Richard = how I will ring in the New Year, and I am very excited.

I hope you all have a fantastic New Years, thank you all for your friendship and encouragement throughout the year. I look forward to more kindred spirit-ness and baking tips in the new year.


*note how the fudge never leaves the shot....


The Little Mama said...

Missing you tonight, lovely! Enjoy your holiday-ness.

lyn tupaea said...

Sounds like your New Year's Eve was perfect in every way (: Happy 2009 to you both xx mum

jodi said...

wow, you got spolit! Love the teacup print - Daniel and I laughed when we just looked at it then - it belongs in my kitchen. so so so many teacups - all beautiful and precious to me! Happy new year beck!

Bird Bath said...

sounds like a wonderful and cosy night!

kerri NĂ­ Dochartaigh said...

i am new to your blog and wanted to say hi !this sounds like such a perfect new year. kerri x