Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just quickly...

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that a giveaway was coming up, and while it isn't quite here yet I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't forgotten you! Got Craft? is coming up quickly (next Sunday) and so Richard and I have been furiously crafting to get ready for both that and opening our etsy store (just about done!). We found these awesome wooden game pieces recently, which have been turned into wee brooches to go into the Got Craft? swag bags, and we've also been working on magnets, chalkboards, hair bows and more!

I also wanted to say a quick hello to the new blog followers out there, I'm so happy to have you stopping in! Remember, that you can click over there by the postcard if you'd like to drop me a line. Thank you to those who have, I really enjoy getting to know you all!

I'll leave you with some shots of the Vancouver springtime that I'm enjoying so much, and I promise to see you very soon with treats!

Some of the best campaigning I've seen yet.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

The full life.

Man, it has been a busy, busy week! Do you all know that I'm a doula? It isn't something that I have talked about too much over here, but when I am not crafting, supporting families and advocating for birth is something I am passionate about. This week I attended my first two births ever as a doula! Both mama's were incredible, strong and unbelievably powerful. Watching these two baby boys enter the world by the most beautiful and natural process, was such a privilege.

Empowering and valueing families, natural birth, quality maternity care, reproductive rights and sexual health are things I feel really strongly about. Myself, along with a couple other fabulous doulas have started a doula collective here in Vancouver, and so if you'd like to check that out you can head over to to meet the other doulas, and follow our thoughts on various issues surrounding the birth community. Of course, if you're in Vancouver and are looking for someone to support you in your pregnancy and labour, make sure you drop us an email!

The weekend was rounded off with a fundraiser event at Lunapads for Pads 4 Girls and Shanti Uganda on Friday. The wonderful Peggy O'Mara (Mothering Magazine) spoke to a bunch of local female entrepreneurs about her career as the owner of the only independently owned natural parenting magazine, and we all had the chance to bounce ideas of each other and network (I always feel strange using that word!) with other local business owners.

Over the weekend, the Vancouver Craft Mafia and I celebrated Earth Day and eco-friendly crafting with a showcase of local crafters at Metrotown, and then the Vancouver Swap-O-Rama-Rama clothing and craft supply swap. Both events were a blast, and I scored an awesome new jacket, but I was beat by the time the weekend was over!

Two more weeks until Got Craft! Eeep! I will be keeping you updated with my crafting as I go!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sunny Days

We have been having the most amazing sunny days here this week, I even busted out the jandals (flipflops) today as I worked on the balcony. Working in the warm sun (yes, its even warm and not that tricking kind of spring sun that is secretly still cold!) definitely lifts my spirits, I cannot seem to shake this bloody cold, and I'm sure is going to make me much less of a sicky. Fingers crossed!

Here are a few more shots of us getting ready for Got Craft and Etsy. Fun!

I'm not far off from hitting my 100th blog post, so keep your eyes out for a giveaway soon!
I hope you're enjoying your Wednesday, wherever you are.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hot Cross Buns: Take Two

Determined to eat my own home-baked hot cross buns this year, I gave them a go again yesterday. Despite my flat and doughy mess of the day before. Even though I knew what my initial mistake was (attempting to cook them at 200 degrees.....farenheit) and that this was an easy enough fix, I was secretly scared that I was just crap at making hot cross buns. So I tried not to get too excited.

But look!

I used Pip's fantastic recipe, found over here. I loved following it, especially as part of the method was 'go back to bed for about an hour' or 'Knead together with springy, spirit fingers...' Haha, too good. It was easy to follow, worked like a charm, and now we have delicious treats to go with our tea. What more could a girl want?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Break

Oh Creme Eggs, how I love thee. Really though, in Canada they're nothing like the ones at home, but I'm not going to say no. This is my second one today, there was a 2 for 1 offer so I basically had no choice. Yum.

Our Easter break has been lovely and relaxing so far, although sadly Richard has gotten the cough that I've been trying to shake for the last....month, or so. Go away bugs! I've been meaning to get a bunch of stuff done, but instead we've been sleeping in, watching movies, reading and drinking tea. I tried making hot cross buns yesterday, which I was so excited about, but when I pulled them out of the oven they were flat and doughy. I tried to convince myself that, you know 'they're just meant to be really moist', haha. When re-reading the recipe today I realised that 200 degrees was of course celsius and not farenheit. Argh! I'm not quite sure why it didn't seem to cool to me, but I think I just thought it was some fancy type of recipe with egg washes and sugar glazes and....a quick blitz in a really cool oven. Haha, oh well. I'll try again tomorrow.

In other Easter weekend news, we're off to see Marissa Nadler tonight and I am so, so excited. She is one of my favourite artists, such a haunting and beautiful voice. It's going to be at the Media Club, so I'm hoping for a lovely intimate show with knitting and a few drinks.

Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Feeling lucky?

If you haven't already been to Lucky Rooster, it is high time you go check it out. Not only will you find Bliss in a Teacup goodies there, but also a treasure trove of vintage and handmade items. My lovely friend Heather runs the store, and chatting with her about vintage buttons or kids aprons is worth the visit in itself.

Lucky Rooster is located at 1706 Charles Street, which is just off Commercial Drive, in between a florist and Little Nest cafe (which is also, well worth a trip). Heather has created such a romantic, cozy space that is full of colour and inspiration. If you're in the neighbourhood this Easter weekend, I recommend grabbing a slice of flourless chocolate cake and a tea at Little Nest, and then heading into Lucky Rooster to browse her incredible vintage fabric selection, handmade cards and one of a kind jewellery. I'll leave you with some eye candy to get you all in the mood.

You see? You must go take a look. Lucky Rooster is open Wed-Fri 11-6, Sat 10-6 and Sun 10-4. If you do go in, make sure to tell Heather I sent you!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting ready

We had the most amazing sunny day here today, which meant that working out on the balcony (and actually being warm) was in order. Richard and I are working together for the upcoming Got Craft?, and have decided to open an etsy store in the next couple of weeks. You can see some of our supplies up there, but I'm going to keep it the end result a secret until they're all done. I'm really excited about how its all working out so far though! I'm also excited about Richard and I working together. Not only is he an extremely talented artist and craftsman, but getting to hang out together, listen to The Super Super Blues band, paint and make pesto - is such a treat.

via Soulemama

Speaking of treats, have you seen these adorable bread bags? Home baked bread is one of my favourite, favourite things...and then to store and give them in these...well, I just don't know if it gets any better. I think I will add them to the easter baking to-do list.

Happy Monday!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vancouver gets crafty.

For those of you living in Vancouver or nearby, there are some exciting crafty type events coming up that you should most definitely check out!

1. Got Craft? and The Vancouver Craft Mafia are hosting Swap-O-Rama-Rama this April 19th, 11.00am - 4.00pm (only 2 weeks away!) at the Heritage Hall on Main St. All you need is a bag of clothes/craft supplies and six bucks to get in - perfect for spring cleaning! You'll then be able to browse all the clothes other swappers have brought and take home what you like! There will also be some of Vancouver's favourite crafters helping you to upcycle what you find with screenprinting, sewing, button making and more. Check out the blog for more info here!

2. Speaking of Got Craft?, they have just launched their fantastic new website! Not only that, but the Spring craft show is coming up soon on May 3rd at the Royal Canadian Legion on The Drive and I'll be attending it as my first ever craft show. Eeep!

There I am! I'll be sharing a with the lovely Andrea from Roxypop so if you're in the area please come by and say hello. If you've never been to Got Craft? before, you're in for a treat! There are so many fantastic crafters who'll be there, and the first 30 people through the door receive a swagbag full of treats from us all.

3. Vancouver will be premiering Handmade Nation in July! I can't wait, and you should be excited too! If you haven't yet heard of the movie (and book), Faythe Levine has travelled round the country and documented the D.I.Y. movement in North America, interviewing and hanging out with incredible crafters such as The Small Object, Knitta and Nikki McClure (a personal favourite). Head over here for more info and tickets.

Yay! Hope to see you guys there!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Good stuff.

It kinda felt like today was the first day where I really got to relax, reflect and catch up from being away. It was nice and slow moving, with the sun coming out to play in the afternoon. I met up with a lovely friend for lunch on The Drive (at Little Nest, one of my favourite places to eat), where we got to catch up, talk doula and eat amazing cauliflower soup.

I took along my knitting, to work on a new order of hand warmers for Lucky Rooster and generally drank tea, clucked over Lisa's new wee girl and enjoyed the comfort of like minded friendship. It was good.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I realise I only just posted a couple seconds ago, but this is absolutely amazing. I think the man at the beginning, and the red tie guy around 2min 52sec are my absolute favourites. Oh, Julie Andrews I love you.

I'm back.

Oh goodness, I am glad this week is over. It wasn't bad at all, but having returned from Boston late Monday night/Tuesday morning and going straight into work the next day has made it difficult to really reflect on my time there and also to feel like I've actually come home.

First up, I still love Cambridge and I've found us all places to live. It seems that most of the houses there are split up into apartments, which makes sense as most of them are huge! Crazy to think that they were once someones whole house.

Aside from finding us all new houses, I didn't get the chance to take many more photos or really see much of Boston itself as WAM! took up pretty much all of my time. That and eating the chocolate cake (with real chocolate, not even cocoa!) that my lovely French hosts made me. I definitely want to go back and see more of the area, but I had such an amazing time at the conference that I didn't really feel like I had missed out on much.
There is so much I would love to talk about that I learnt from my sessions, speakers and friends made at WAM!, but I think that would take up many, many posts! Instead, I am going to really endeavour to act on the things I learnt both with what I write in here and how I participate in my community.
Here are just a few highlights...

- I was convinced to Twitter, it was everywhere! You can follow me if you like, I'd like to follow you! Find me here.

- I attended a caucus that discussed a feminist approach to Sex Ed. and talked about the vision of sex and sexuality education that promotes a healthy view of sex, our bodies and relationships. And one that doesn't see girls as only passive participators and boys as having to control themselves.

- I picked up this awesome book.

- I felt challenged, educated and excited about looking into gender non-conformity issues and how that fits into feminism and more broadly the media.

- Reality Bit Back. Jennifer Pozner and Andrea Quijada dissected our reality tv guilty pleasures and the messages that they send.

- I got fired up to blog by two fantastic feministas, Veronica and Cynematic

- We investigated ways to pull the plug on rape culture, specifically looking at the way the media and words seek to reinforce it.

- I learnt that only 10-20% of op-ed pieces were written by women, and then how to write one and get women's voices heard.

- Sarah Haskins was ridiculously smart and funny.

- I met incredible people who challenged me, laughed with me and encouraged me.

All in all, WAM! was more than worth it and I (fingers crossed) will be making the trek next year to Chicago to do it again. In saying that, I did want to mention a post over at Womanist Musings that looked on the reality of most women not being able to get to a conference like this due to a financial barrier. Both Renee and the commenters raise some really interesting thoughts surrounding how to make the conference more accessible, that I hope get adopted. Especially live streaming the conference, and having people sponsor people who can't afford it and organising 'mini-WAM!'s' in other parts of the country. I think what we do have to remember though, is that The Center for New Words has a teeny tiny staff, and all this stuff costs both money, time and people power, so I think part of the responsibility lies with us who want to advocate for women in media, and more accessibility to conferences like these.