Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vancouver gets crafty.

For those of you living in Vancouver or nearby, there are some exciting crafty type events coming up that you should most definitely check out!

1. Got Craft? and The Vancouver Craft Mafia are hosting Swap-O-Rama-Rama this April 19th, 11.00am - 4.00pm (only 2 weeks away!) at the Heritage Hall on Main St. All you need is a bag of clothes/craft supplies and six bucks to get in - perfect for spring cleaning! You'll then be able to browse all the clothes other swappers have brought and take home what you like! There will also be some of Vancouver's favourite crafters helping you to upcycle what you find with screenprinting, sewing, button making and more. Check out the blog for more info here!

2. Speaking of Got Craft?, they have just launched their fantastic new website! Not only that, but the Spring craft show is coming up soon on May 3rd at the Royal Canadian Legion on The Drive and I'll be attending it as my first ever craft show. Eeep!

There I am! I'll be sharing a with the lovely Andrea from Roxypop so if you're in the area please come by and say hello. If you've never been to Got Craft? before, you're in for a treat! There are so many fantastic crafters who'll be there, and the first 30 people through the door receive a swagbag full of treats from us all.

3. Vancouver will be premiering Handmade Nation in July! I can't wait, and you should be excited too! If you haven't yet heard of the movie (and book), Faythe Levine has travelled round the country and documented the D.I.Y. movement in North America, interviewing and hanging out with incredible crafters such as The Small Object, Knitta and Nikki McClure (a personal favourite). Head over here for more info and tickets.

Yay! Hope to see you guys there!


The Little Mama said...

You're killing me. Seriously. Maybe I should just move back for a few months...

Amber Csar said...

I will be missing the swap-o-rama-rama, but will totally be coming with you to everything else :D

I can't believe I see your bliss in a tea cup name on the site, how exciting!


LustsAfterYarn said...

I am so excited about Handmade Nation! I didn't know it was a book.... I should go pick it up.

I love your blog. Sorry we missed each other when you were passing through Boston. Did you have fun?

lotus events inc. said...

I met Nikki in Portland! Her work is absolutely amazing.

Tina said...

I love your blog!! It's so delightful! Must add you to my blogroll immediately!!

becka said...

Aww, thanks Tina! Yours is rather lovely too!

Andrea - I'm so jealous!

kate said...

yay- i'll be meeting you soon!
(and thanks for the banner love)