Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sunny Days

We have been having the most amazing sunny days here this week, I even busted out the jandals (flipflops) today as I worked on the balcony. Working in the warm sun (yes, its even warm and not that tricking kind of spring sun that is secretly still cold!) definitely lifts my spirits, I cannot seem to shake this bloody cold, and I'm sure is going to make me much less of a sicky. Fingers crossed!

Here are a few more shots of us getting ready for Got Craft and Etsy. Fun!

I'm not far off from hitting my 100th blog post, so keep your eyes out for a giveaway soon!
I hope you're enjoying your Wednesday, wherever you are.


lyn tupaea said...

Becka !!!!! Are those Havianas you are wearing ????? love the colour on your toes too xxx mum

lyn tupaea said...

Does the giveaway involve a plane trip ???? possibly from one hemisphere to another ???? lol xx mum

Jac said...

Yay! for sunshine, I love it when it's time to get the flip flops out!

Amber Csar said...

I see chalkboard paint...secret love. Ooooo!

And, are you serious about the sunshine, cause I need some. It still feels like winter cold-sun here.

Cannot wait to see you!

handmade romance said...

Ah yes, the first days of true sunshine after the cold (which could be any given season here in Melbourne hehe). Love it!

Ooo and I like the look of what you are working on, Im intrigued now to see the final results. The grey bow is adorable!! : )

Well done on nearly reaching 100 posts too, Im getting there but not as close as you yet. Im glad I took the step into blogland it's such a nice place to visit and meet lovely people like yourself x