Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Break

Oh Creme Eggs, how I love thee. Really though, in Canada they're nothing like the ones at home, but I'm not going to say no. This is my second one today, there was a 2 for 1 offer so I basically had no choice. Yum.

Our Easter break has been lovely and relaxing so far, although sadly Richard has gotten the cough that I've been trying to shake for the last....month, or so. Go away bugs! I've been meaning to get a bunch of stuff done, but instead we've been sleeping in, watching movies, reading and drinking tea. I tried making hot cross buns yesterday, which I was so excited about, but when I pulled them out of the oven they were flat and doughy. I tried to convince myself that, you know 'they're just meant to be really moist', haha. When re-reading the recipe today I realised that 200 degrees was of course celsius and not farenheit. Argh! I'm not quite sure why it didn't seem to cool to me, but I think I just thought it was some fancy type of recipe with egg washes and sugar glazes and....a quick blitz in a really cool oven. Haha, oh well. I'll try again tomorrow.

In other Easter weekend news, we're off to see Marissa Nadler tonight and I am so, so excited. She is one of my favourite artists, such a haunting and beautiful voice. It's going to be at the Media Club, so I'm hoping for a lovely intimate show with knitting and a few drinks.

Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend!


lyn tupaea said...

Ohhhhh those Cadbury Creme Eggs !!!!! I'll have one for you today Becka (: - watched the DVD - she had a beautiful beautiful voice - what a great night you'll both have xx mum

Amber Csar said...

hahahha I love your blogs!

FaerySarah said...

yum and wow thanks for the introduction to Marissa! her voice is awesome! hehe didn't know you had an awesome blog! i will be a regular from now on!