Thursday, December 27, 2012

A lil' holiday sale.

Happy holidays, friends! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying a bit of a relaxing break. We had a fairly low key day, which was perfect. Lots of delicious food, cider, sunshine and a wild game of Cranium late in the evening which lead to tear-filled laughter and me trying to do a convincing 'blue steel'. It was pretty great!

As a little holiday treat for you all, we're offering 30% off everything in the shop until January 2nd. Just enter 'BOXINGWEEK' at the checkout to grab your discount. We'll be closing up for a few days after the sale ends to tidy up a bit and release our new jewellery collection (more on that later). We'll also be having a special Facebook sale around then to clear a bunch of stuff out, so make sure to head over there and like us if you haven't already.

Have the best New Years!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

To market.

I made this little save the date card awhile ago, and while the top date has now passed I like it so much that I don't want to have to make a new one! I'm hoping we'll add a few more local dates, but these are the major ones and I'm really looking forward to trying out some new fairs that I've heard really great things about.

We had our first market since moving a few weeks ago, Wine and Design held at the beautiful Church Road Cellar Door (yes, that is a wine glass you can see balancing behind our jewellery display...) and it was so much fun! We met some really lovely people and I bought the most delicious smelling coconut and lime candle that has gotten a lot of use since we brought it home.

If you're in the areas/s (Hastings & Greytown) please come and stop by! I'll pop the info and links in the side bar.

Monday, November 5, 2012

One day at a time.

Almost two weeks ago, on the morning of October 29th we lost our sweet girl, Miss Tynesha Rose. She was at home, surrounded by her favourite people and in the restful and pain-free sleep that we had all been hoping and praying she would finally be able to have. We were all lucky enough to be able to sit with her and kiss her as much as we liked during those last few days of sleep, and after she was gone we took turns holding her wrapped up in her warm quilt.

Her funeral was not quite a week later, and in lots of ways it feels like time has sped forward or skipped a beat in order for us to be able to deal with it. The days in the lead up to her funeral were so heartbreaking, and then it is almost as if I've gone a bit numb. Like we're all just waiting for her to wake up. I guess our brains want to self preserve so perhaps will only give us little bits of grief as we can handle it. I'm not sure. I'd always kind of scoffed at the cliche of 'one day at a time', but now I know so well that it is the only thing to be counted on.

Thank you so much for all your kind messages during this time, it has meant the world.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Instagram update

I've only just pulled my camera out since the move and so have being obsessively relying on instagram instead. It's funny looking through these snaps, placing them all together and realising how much life has changed in the past few months. It feels lovely and calm, I like it. 

packaging drawer :: spring green :: a small part of christine's jug collection and scandinavian crockery :: country richard :: quilt fabric stash :: new hair :: library inspiration :: tuesday, my firstborn (j/k (not really)) :: new neighbours ::

camouflage basil :: blossoms :: berry cobbler :: making use of the juicer :: taking stock :: vineyards :: sunset :: cow roadblock :: studio view ::

We're spending our mornings with T and afternoons browsing op shops, driving around the countryside, learning how to slow down. Saying I'll bake sometime tomorrow, everyday until it comes to putting a chocolate cake in the oven at 9am. We still feel like we're on holiday a little bit, but also like we've been here always. 

A few good things: 

- Decals by Evie Kemp. Aside from Shanna Murray, I usually can't really deal with decals but these are so great. The floral animal ones are my favourites!
- I can't tell if they would be delicious or not, but how pretty are these sakura cookies??
- If I can ever get the glitter off my nails, this is going to be my next manicure. 

Thank you for your kind words on my previous post, I'll be sure to keep you updated. 


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Following our heart.

This is Tynesha Rose. She'll be 6 years old this coming January and her top five favourite things in the world are: her mum and dad, her peeps (everyone else who hangs out with her), pens, stickers and colours.

Tynesha is the adopted daughter of my aunt and uncle and she is just about one of the funniest and sweetest little girls in the world. She is resilient and so very brave. She contracted meningitis when she was born, which led to cerebral palsy and her prognosis was pretty grim. In spite of this she continually progressed further than we ever expected. She can talk, run, dance, sing and work an iPad like it's nobody's business. Unfortunately though, things have gotten much harder for T this year and she has spent every night from new years until the middle of September in hospital. We now know she also has a rare genetic disorder called atypical NKH and this amongst other things has meant that her stomach and bowels no longer work. She is 'fed' directly into her veins and is on a pretty insane amount of pain relief, yet amazingly still wants to sing 'Lean Back' with me and shake it in her crib.

It's been a hard road for her parents basically living in various different hospitals, and once she left Auckland to get ready to return home, Richard and I knew we needed to do the same. We wanted to be able to spend as much time with her as we possibly could as well lend a hand with her care.

It was a super quick decision (we decided we'd do it and left within a couple of weeks) and that definitely spun me out a little (a lot) bit. I've been given leave from work until February of next year and Richard resigned from Harvest. We're crossing our fingers that we'll have proper internet by tomorrow. It's been a bit of an adjustment from the busy of Auckland but we're started to settle in and are enjoying having lambs as our neighbours.

Talk soon, friends.

Friday, July 13, 2012


I was looking through my photos this week for a project and came across this day at the beach I spent with Kate and Piper when they came up for a visit at the end of last year. As much as I love winter, I'd been feeling a little jealous of all you northern hemisphere folk and your summery images. We've been super lucky with the weather during my school break and so I've been trying to soak up as much vitamin d as possible. These photos and the last two weeks have reminded me of what a lovely city this is in the sunshine. It's back to school on Monday and I've made a resolution to get out and enjoy it much more in this second half of the year.

Any work/life balance tips?

After flicking through photos of Piper getting a taste of the ocean, I couldn't resist making this funny little gif! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Winter break

A little (almost) wordless post after a long stretch of quiet. We're in a new house, I'm on winter break from school and enjoying catching my breath a bit. Trying to figure out the work life balance thing has proved trickier than I thought.


neighbouring norfolk pines :: gathering lemons :: our unruly garden :: a new workspace :: winter boots 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Belated New Years Sale

Happy 2012! We're having a little sale over in the shop this week to celebrate, albeit a little bit late. But, that's what summer holidays are all about, right? Just enter NYE2012 at the checkout to get 25% off everything in store.

Hope you're all well!