Friday, April 3, 2009

Good stuff.

It kinda felt like today was the first day where I really got to relax, reflect and catch up from being away. It was nice and slow moving, with the sun coming out to play in the afternoon. I met up with a lovely friend for lunch on The Drive (at Little Nest, one of my favourite places to eat), where we got to catch up, talk doula and eat amazing cauliflower soup.

I took along my knitting, to work on a new order of hand warmers for Lucky Rooster and generally drank tea, clucked over Lisa's new wee girl and enjoyed the comfort of like minded friendship. It was good.


lyn tupaea said...

Wow !!!! the blossoms are soooo pretty xx mum

Amber Csar said...

I miss you!


Amber Csar said...

And, I love that you cluck over babies :D

The Little Mama said...

Oh! Blossoms! I am aching for some blossoms.
I can't believe how big little L must be now! Time flies.

Tina said...

sounds wonderful!