Monday, December 20, 2010

Nocturnal Magic

I was looking through the old encyclopedia we use to find our bookmark images awhile ago for a custom order, when I came across this beautiful aurora borealis image. I scanned it in because I have a feeling it would look great printed up nice and big, something I have in mind to try out in the new year. With tonight's nocturnal happenings, and ushering in the Winter Solstice it seemed like the perfect time to share it. I love how the etched lines look alive and sparkling, and even though it isn't a Christmas image it feels to sum up this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere so perfectly for me. Sitting here, sipping a winter ale in our finally clean house, when it has been dark since around 4pm, it's so hard to believe that next Christmas will be spent at the beach during daylight savings! 

Like most of you I'm sure, I can't quite believe that it is Christmas this weekend. This weekend! These last few months have flown by, and now that all our markets are finished, orders are posted and the shop is closed up for a little while I've got that post school exam feeling of not being able to sit still or know what to do with myself. Really though, I'm sure the sitting still part will come quickly and as for what to do with myself I'm hoping to spend as much of these dark winter months with pals as possible. Aside from seeing this everyday, there are a few lovely people who are what I will miss most about this rainy city so I plan on squeezing as much QT in as I can. I'm also so looking forward to getting some reading (both blog and print, a comfy couch is calling my name) in, starting on the Christmas baking tonight, stringing some sort of twinkling lights and taste testing the various festive drinks on offer. I might even blog! Imagine it. 

For now I'm off to light some candles, put on a record and embrace the hippy vibes. What are your plans for the holiday season? 
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