Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yard Sale! Open House! Hot Apple Cider!

I feel a little bad that this is the first post after a long silent period, but being at the under two weeks until New Zealand mark I'm sure you can all appreciate how nutty things are around here! Also, I'm kind of putting off the year in review/farewell type posts until I have the time and emotional space to get down something coherent and is able to express properly how I'm feeling. 

So! If you're in Vancouver, I would like to invite you to a yard sale/farewell open house/hot apple cider drinking event happening at our place this Saturday Jan. 22nd, 1pm - 6pm. Please come!

We live in an apartment so a yard sale in the traditional sense is a little tricky, but we have a bunch of stuff in our apartment that need to find good homes to go to so we would love for you to come along! There'll be books, records, arts and crafts supplies, cameras, vintage and new furniture/homewares, fabric, plants, tools and more. Plus, fortified apple cider to warm you up.

We live in Strathcona, just east of Chinatown and if you're interested in coming please email me at beckanathan (at) gmail (dot) com

Hope to see you there!
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