Monday, August 18, 2008


On Mondays, it is only my boss and I at work. He usually arrives around 1ish, and today he has gone out to lunch so I have at least another whole hour of time to myself. Hurrah!

Of course he hasn't left me any work to do, and while Im sure
many people think working at an art gallery consists mostly of looking glamorous and wearing only black with one fabulous accessory as people slowly browse art they don't really understand, that is unfortunately not the case with this place. I could try the black outfit one day though.

So I have been escaping into the vortex that is etsy, and would like to show you a few things I'm drooling over in case anyone needs any present inspiration (not my birthday, but just because you love me).

I have a thing about yellow at the moment, and homespun yarn always. You can find this here. She is very clever!

So dreamy.

Fall is coming up, and I think this would be perfect!

And finally, this girl has the most amazing photographs. So whimsical and beautifully surreal.

Ok, and actually finally this time....the blog that has been keeping me company.



kate h said...

great. thanks. just stayed up til freaking 2am OBSESSING over etsy...

oh the person i WILL be.. no. i AM. oh yes.

ha ha.