Monday, August 25, 2008

New things, etc.

As Richard cooks soup for our dinner, I thought I would share a few things with you all that make me happy.
I just got back from Vancouver Island late last night, where Amber and I did our doula training course. For those of you who don't know what that is, basically a doula is someone who is a 'professional birth partner'. It isn't medical, so I won't actually be delivering babies, but instead physically and emotionally supporting the mother (and in turn her partner) through childbirth. The research showing benefits is pretty amazing, and I am really excited to start supporting women! You can check out this wiki page for a little more info, if you're interested.

Anyway, it was a lovely weekend with some amazing women and AMAZING vegan and raw food. We were pretty spoilt. Aside from doula stuff, Amber and I checked the local yarn store out (Richards scarf is on hold until I get more yarn) and found this beautiful bulky green Peruvian Highland wool which is almost the softest thing I have ever touched (exaggerating only a little). Since we're both mostly enjoying knitting squares at this stage in our knitting career, we came up with an idea for twisty, scrunchy neckwarmers and both whipped one up while in Courtenay. Richard was good enough to model it for me, and I think he looks rather handsome, although the neckwarmer looks way more brown than it does in real life. I guess this is due to the flecks of red and gold it has in it. I love how high it goes up at the back to keep you cozy and warm.

As much as I had a great time on the island, coming home to my own bed was wonderful, especially as Richard had made sure that the house was all tidy. What a treat! I also came home to notice that our veggie garden is well on its way (ok, really I saw that this morning since I arrived back in Vancouver at midnight last night). I can't believe how well our peas are doing and we even have a cute little eggplant on the way. Our chard is looking very ready to be harvested, so I think we'll be using that for tomorrow nights dinner. Yum.

One more thing to show you before I go. Recently it was the birthday of one of the little girls I nanny, she turned two. She is pretty crazy about her tea set, and about food in general, so I decided to maker her a picnic. I had seen a great tutorial for playmat/bag combo on Soozs Big Adventure and made it in a picnic theme. I had a bunch of felt I was meant to be using on another project that I turned into food (3 iced cookies, 2 popsicles, 2 fortune cookies, 2 fried eggs and ravioli), added some plastic ants for good measure and voila!
I think she likes it.

Until next time!


VegMomma said...

Love the neckwarmer! And I am still in awe of the picnic set...
You're making me want to start a craft blog....

Jane said...

Your picnic set idea is marvellous - I'm sure lots of little girls (and maybe some boys?) would love to have one.