Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As I was reading Modish the other day, and taking a peek at Jena's Etsy wishlist, I came across the amazing Iluchka from Tel Aviv. Aside from the adorable clothes, I was instantly smitten with the product shots. I love the colours and the campy pop collage kinda feel to them. So good!

Oh, its all too much! I love the guns, the fluro, the glasses and the feisty looking models. I especially love doubles, and that it all looks like it has been taken on some kind of crazy set for a Lost in Space episode. Ilana Bronstein, the woman behind Iluchka, also runs a boutique in Tel Aviv and has a fantastic website that is well worth checking out.
Ok, back to work for me. This to-do list will not finish itself (no matter how had I wish for it).
Happy Wednesday!


handmade romance said...

oh they shots are so, so good. they look like a whole lotta fun! thanks for sharing : )

good luck with the dreaded to do list!! mines always growing hehe

Hello Sandwich said...

These are sooooo cute!
Thank you for posting about this :)
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

becka said...

You're welcome!