Sunday, July 19, 2009

Words and Pictures - Joy

Finding a raspberry pomegranate ice-block in the freezer on a hot, hot day.

Beers on the balcony with friends and neighbours.

Growing our own food

(and it actually working!)

Find more words and pictures here.


conversationpieces said...

That first pic looks a little rude for a Monday morning! ;)

P.S. As I think your blog is extra lovely, I've give you some rather lovely awards :)

handmade romance said...

Oh i love these! they bring me joy just to look at - haha. they remind me of summer and since its winter over here, im very jealous of your joy right now ; )

becka said...

Hahaha Zoe, I was wondering if someone was going to mention that! They had the popsicle or the zuchinni to choose from...

Thank you so much for the awards! What a sweet suprise!

Ha, Evie I totally felt the same way when you guys were in Summer! Also, your little story was so lovely!