Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We've been on a bit of a Bette Davis kick here lately, watching a bunch of her later 'return to glory' films late at night and both laughing and squealing (ok, I'm the only squealer) over the terrific camp horror. This photo above absolutely kills me. The colours are incredible, and I just can't get over how sorrowful her beauty is. I realise how much of a cliche it is to talk about Bette Davis eyes, but they were just emotive and lovely!

As much as I love how beautiful she was, her later roles in these four movies is when I think she was truly at her best. In both All About Eve and Dead Ringer, she got to play the quintessential ballsy 'not to be messed with' broad who got more than her fair share of zingers such as 'Heaven help me. I love a psychotic!' , and then in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte and What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? she was brilliant as someone spiralling further into madness. Oooh, I just loved them! I think I'd have to say that Baby Jane is my favourite, both because of the tension created and because Bette Davis as Baby Jane Hudson was just so creepy! If you have yet to see any of these, I highly recommend them for some campy fun!

In other news, aside from sticking my head in the freezer to cool down, I've started guest blogging over at The English Muse while Tina takes a much deserved break and there is also a little interview with us over on Got Craft? where we talk about the thing that inspire us, our take on art vs. craft and the joys (and tricky bits) of working for yourself. Go take a peek if you please!


Maggie May said...

That top pictureo of Bette is amazing. She was a powerhouse.

Urban Environmentalist said...

I second that. Gorgeous picture!