Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Morning Goodness

The start of my little window sill garden, ready to be potted and soaking up the sun.

Morning! I hope you've all had lovely, relaxing weekends! We've been so lucky with the weather in Vancouver lately and this weekend was no exception. Beautiful blue skies and sunshine (sorry the rest of North America!), and for the most part I've been able to go coat free! So after a lovely brunch on Saturday morning with a bunch of local knitters, Richard and I ditched the inside chores and headed out for the day. It's amazing how much this weather can really lift my mood! We went out to Karmavore to pick up some vegan treats and cheese and then wandered around New West a bit to take a look at some thrift stores. Living downtown during the Olympics, it was really nice to get out of the city for a bit of a breather.

~ Mondays Mix, 'Here Comes the Sun' to celebrate soaking up some Vitamin D and to hopefully inject some sunshine into the more wintery areas of the world!

~ I made these delicious treats over the weekend with our vegan marshmallows and oh goodness were they good! The brown butter and salt combo? Amazing!

~ I'm really hoping I can snag myself a utility pouch soon (although perhaps a linen one), they're flying out of the store though so I think I'll have to camp out if she makes more!

~ We've spent some time in this community over the past week or so, trying to raise awareness about the lack of homes in Vancouver and the lack of a National Housing Project in Canada. For me it has been the best thing I've seen during the Winter Olympics.

Alright, off to (hopefully) catch a bus! I hope Monday is good to you!

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