Thursday, February 11, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Crafting community

Rhiannon's amazing hexagonal blanket, Jackie cutting paper for buttons, some bedsocks I'm working on.

I headed out to Rhizome this earlier this evening to meet up with some other crafty folk and drink beer, eat amazing food (oh my goodness miso rice bowl and chi cake to follow, yum), chat and make together. I love these evenings, seeing what everyone else is working on, swapping tips, helping each other figure out where they've gone wrong in a pattern or giving an opinion on what fabric to match with what, and generally getting a chance to spend time with other like minded people, it's such a treat. Going to events like these since moving to Vancouver has actually been where I met people who I now count as dear friends and this is by far my favourite part. There is something really special about getting together to create, and watching a community form is something I cherish.

Do any of you have a local craft meet up, or bunch of friends you get together and make with? Perhaps you could start one! There are craft mafias
and Brown Owl groups all over, I'm sure there will be something to strike your fancy if you're interested. I highly recommend it!
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