Monday, September 13, 2010

Sigh of relief

Hello! Sorry things have been a little sleepy around here, I had a bunch of posts lined up for last week that are still sitting in my drafts folder but got a little swamped with deadlines and such (story of my life). Hopefully that just means there will be lots of great stuff this week! Anyway, I had my interview and photo shoot for Hoopla on Saturday morning, which was initially terrifying (what to wear! where to sit! clean, clean, clean!) but so nice to have Leanne come by and chat with her about stitching, art and how we find ways of self expression. Of course it wasn't half as scary as I thought it would be, and I'm really excited to see the finished book. The other projects that Leanne told me about sound amazing! 

After the interview I couldn't quite believe that I had nothing left to do that was pressing, such a great feeling. The weekend was grey and rainy, perfect for staying indoors and working on projects that are just for fun. It felt like such a luxury to sit in my for real, actual clean house, flip through art books, make potato leek soup (obsessed with this soup, the moment the skies show a hint of autumn its all about soup) and scones, drink tea and start a new embroidery project inspired by a Joanna Newsom concert. Autumn seems to actually be officially here, the quilt is back on the bed, Sufjan Stevens is on repeat and my slippers are always close at hand. So nice. 

A few things; 

- Beautiful Soviet-era environmental conservation posters at Broom People. 
- Andy Goldsworthy 'Fall Leaves', this one especially. 

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