Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update a comin'

Oh new work. Exciting and nerve wracking! It's always a little scary putting yourself out there and getting an insight into how people outside your own head respond. With that said, we're going to be doing a big shop update next Monday along with a bit of a shop overhaul, too (yes, the one I said would be happening in early September). There will be our new range of necklaces, some embroidery hoop pin boards with beautiful vintage upholstery fabric and these limited edition teak bookmarks. We came across this teak veneer awhile back and wanted to do something special with it, so Richard drew some beautiful illustrations based on the work of Turi Gramstad Oliver and we made a small range of bookmarks.

There is one other product I'm hoping to have ready, but we've been having trouble getting it to work the way I want it to, but hopefully I'll have something to show you by the end of the week. Or maybe a post about what I've learned through the frustration of not being able to make what is in your head become reality, ha.

In preparation for our update we'll be having a big sale at the end of this week, which I'll be sure to remind you of. Or you might like to sign up to our newsletter in the sidebar there to get update on this one and future sales, updates and sneak peeks!
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