Wednesday, August 18, 2010

River rocks and woodsmoke

I picked up those little river rocks when we went swimming at Lynn Canyon on the weekend and I'm totally captivated by the peachy tones, especially in that little one. I wish the photos did them a little more justice, they're just the colours that have been on my mind lately, warm neutrals, nudes, light apricot-y type colours with some dusty greys and flecks of charcoal thrown in. So pretty.

I'm hoping to include them into some new stuff we're working on for the store, a kind of Fall/Winter collection type deal that should be ready in early September. We've been lucky to have been gifted some really beautiful wood scraps that we had no idea what to do with for awhile but have now started fashioning into some simple necklaces and maybe even rings. I never thought I'd make jewellery, but I've been really enjoying thinking of what shapes to use and working with the wood. I really never get sick of working with wood, it's a medium that I always seem drawn to, and the wood burning smells from when I get to use the big sanding machine are so smoky and lovely! The two woods are mahogany and cocobolo, which is this beautiful, dense, oily wood that smells amazing and is so nice to work with. It becomes so smooth that it feels like a rock or glass once you've sanded it. Such a lucky find!

We've actually decided to retire a few of the older products in the store to make way for fresh stuff, which has been strangely really hard for me! There are just some things that I feel like I've moved on from, or am just no longer that excited about but there is a definite temptation to stick with what you know will bring in some money every now and then and also the fear that new stuff isn't going to work and that we should have stuck with the old. Worry, worry, worry. But putting the worry aside I'm really excited about the new products we're working on and the direction we're taking. Classic me, I'm always turn with the need to move forward and finding so much comfort in the already known. I promise to keep you up to date with what we're working on, I always value everyone's feedback!

So, how about you guys. Working on anything fun at the moment? Are you someone who loves change and trying out new things or do you prefer the comfort of routine and what you already know?

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