Monday, August 16, 2010

Projects 'n more.

Projects, projects, projects. I've got so many on the go at the moment and I'm also getting much better at finishing the things I start. Sometimes making myself so busy also makes me stressed and crazy, but I think there is an element of having a few different things on the go that I find challenging and inspiring. I'm now on holiday for the next 2 weeks and so I'm excited to have some lazy days and extra time to work on things here and there. Also, to try and get in some creative time just for the sake of being creative. I sometimes find myself getting stuck on feeling like I should be working on shop stuff or other deadline type projects when if I give myself the space to just doodle or whatever, that's when the inspiration comes. Theoretically, anyway.

As I hinted at on Wednesday we've been working on some lino cuts and fabric printing lately, it's been lots of fun! We have a tutorial up in the latest issue of Blanket Magazine showing you how to make a simple lino cut and print it onto fabric. Aside from checking us out, I'd definitely recommend picking up a copy (online, it's not a print publication) as this issue is pretty great - looking at all sorts of tradition and handmade crafts like letterpress, embroidery, etc - and is just beautifully put together by the very talented editor, Bec! It's a medium I've come to really enjoy working in, and hopefully I'll be printing up some very much needed new pillows for our couch over the next week or so!

Alrighty, I'm off in search of popsicles. It has been sweltering here over the past couple of days! Yesterday we found a fantastic swimming hole that I'm hoping to drag Richard back to this week. It was a bit of a hike as one of the bus services didn't run on Sundays or holidays (of course!) but so beautiful and worth the trip. Also, freezing. I seriously couldn't breathe the first time I hopped in!

Happy Monday!
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