Thursday, November 18, 2010

Frost by Daybreak

We caught the train from Montreal to Ottawa early in the morning so we could spend the day there on our way to Toronto. I love train travel, and to coast across Quebec and Ontario at day break on this perfectly frosty morning was magical. The colours and light were incredible.

I don't seem to have any actual Ottawa photos, but I think they might be on one of our films. It was a brief stop but I'm so glad we did it! The weather was beautiful and we got to stop in and visit Victoire Boutique, which was filled with just as many beautiful things as I was imaging. We then spent the rest of our day wandering a bit around parliament and visiting the National Gallery of Canada, which was amazing! A definite highlight of our trip, I'm so glad we did it. There was this great Moshe Safdie exhibition on, as well as these giant Carl Beam works that were breathtaking. Of course they also have an amazing Group of Seven/Tom Thomson collection, along with Emily Carr's and a number of international artists. I highly recommend going if you ever get the chance!
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