Saturday, May 28, 2011

Settling in

Hmm, so posting here more regularly doesn't seem to have happened quite as I would have liked. I'm sorry about that, being back at work has been a little overwhelming and I have become quite the hermit. I do have things stored up to show and tell though, beginning with our new house. I'm feeling pretty lucky to have these beautiful roses blooming outside our bedroom window at the moment, and despite the fact that I am currently sitting amongst piles of boxes due to our stuff from Vancouver having just arrived, I am in love with this new house of ours.

Our bedroom gets the most amazing light during the day, and walking through the house in the morning I can look out the windows to the mangroves and harbour, watching chimney smoke waft up into the sky. We have a backyard that stretches out for quite a ways, and that is inhabited by a few fruit trees and a family of pukeko, which you can look out over from the little sun-room off the dining room (through the brick archway). We've been slowly unpacking all our boxes from Canada, which just makes it all that much better to come home to after a day of teenagers jumping through windows and playing basketball during health class.*

I'll be sure to keep the photos coming, we've got lots of plans for the place. A veggie garden and chickens out the back, music room in the basement, workshop in the garage and lots of plants and rugs everywhere.

*I wish I was joking.
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