Monday, May 30, 2011

Spring Winter

We've been busy getting our new jewellery collection together over the past few weeks, which will hopefully be up in the shop fairly soon. When I first started collecting images as inspiration I accidentally titled our pin board 'Spring Winter', thinking of the Spring/Autumn opposite seasons for northern and southern hemispheres (obviously I was planning to have this finished much sooner than we have!), but I really love the sound of those two words together so I think I might keep it for now.

As both of us really love mid-century Modernist design, we always seem to be influenced by that so the shapes in this collection have come from looking at a lot of incredible architecture. There's some similar motifs to last time, and lots of prisms and raw gemstone type shapes. I think that the pull between my hippy, cosmic loving tastes and Richard's love of clean, more defined lines has found a really happy medium in the warm wood pieces. I hope you like them!

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