Sunday, October 2, 2011

first sun

Although you wouldn't know it if you were looking out my window this minute, Summer is on it's way. Being back in Auckland I now realise how much the seasons blur together here, and I guess that's why we're having a huge downpour despite me taking these photos above only last weekend - it's Spring, only I hadn't really noticed.

We're only a week out from school holidays (just a two week-er), and then it will only be a short seven week term before Summer break and we can all catch our breath a bit. I'm planning on embracing Summer a bit early though, with beach trips and more of that incredible ice cream (Richard had the lemon curd yogurt  and for the first time in my life I regretted choosing chocolate). This transition time is one of my favourite parts of the year, warm enough for bare feet and shoulders, putting in the veggie garden and evening walks, but still with days like today where I can watch the mist and rain roll over the harbour perched up here on the couch.
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