Monday, October 24, 2011


The school holidays are just about to draw to a close and I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for heading back into school tomorrow. Despite having had school work to do over the past couple of weeks, having time at home without a schedule is always such a welcome change. Aside from schoolwork I've been spending most of my time in our studio getting ready for upcoming fairs and working on some new jewellery designs. I feel so lucky to have that space down at the bottom of the stairs to close myself up in and hatch plans.

I must admit that I've been feeling a bit jealous of all the beautiful Autumn photos, tweets and updates from North America, it really was my favourite time in Vancouver. However, Spring has been pretty glorious here so far (if by glorious you count some intense rain storms!) and for that reason along with some Spring cleaning we've decided to have a bit of a sale over in the shop. You can read about it more here on our Facebook page. 

Off to bed for me, back to reality tomorrow! Hope you're well, friends. 

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