Monday, May 20, 2013

Bliss in a Teacup for Tiny Eyes.

I'm really excited to let you guys in on a fun collaboration I'm taking part in this winter with doll making smarty pants Dee from Tiny Eyes. I've been a fan of Dee's dolls for awhile now, especially the custom ones she made of Emma and Tom as part of a Valentines giveaway she did this year. Emma's pink stole kills me, as does her sweet hairdo.

Dee has asked a collection of talented New Zealand designers to design a their own Tiny Eyes doll based around their brand and aesthetic, that she'll then create and you'll be able to purchase in her store this August. I am so honoured to be included in this great round up of creative people and looking forward to the challenge of working on something that is really different for me. I'll admit that I am a bit nervous and slightly overwhelmed by the choice of potential fabrics and accessories, but it's good to work outside your comfort zone so I'm up for the challenge. So far, I've mostly just thought of lots and lots of outfits that I'd like to have (and tried my best not to make it a doll that dresses completely in black...) so now I'm trying to think more of what kinds of colours, materials, textures, patterns and pieces reflect what we as Bliss in a Teacup love and build it around that. I can't wait to see what everyone else does, especially as we all have such different aesthetics!

I'll post inspiration and updates here on the blog for you to follow along, and you should definitely check out the other designers (Rhiannon, Melissa, Emma, Gillian, Erinna & Anya) and their processes on their blogs and websites. I'll be back here with some sketches soon!

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