Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Love a man who can cook.

I took a wee break from 'cookbook' night last week as we had the pie part on the weekend (I will update you with photos aplenty next week!), so I thought I should fill you in on what a great cook my husband is, and make you all jealous with how lucky I am! Ha!

Richard is already an awesome cook so I didn't really need any convincing... however his choices so far have been pretty amazing! First up was an Avocado, Bean and Mango salad that was perfect for a late summer-ish evening. Unfortunately the photos of that didn't work, but you can feast your eyes on the Tomato Sesame Tofu soup above, taken from the Moosewood Restaurant cookbook. It was creamy, nutty and delicious - 'a post-hippy favourite'. We didn't have the tahini it called for, so he made some out of sunflower seeds and it worked perfectly!

To be honest, I wasn't sure if he would remember that Monday was his turn again. Happily though, I came home to this.....

He was preparing Dal from the Vij's cookbook. Vij's is this fancy 'contemporary' Indian restaurant here in Vancouver, that is meant to be amazing! So far, we've only made it to their cookbook (also amazing) that strangely called for seven cups of water for the dal....SEVEN! After draining the lentils (perhaps whoever proof read mistook a 2 for a 7?), and adding all the other 'from scratch' spices he served up the most delicious treat! Spicy dal, curried to perfection and washed down with leftover beer from our weekend party.

Oh, and another night Richard played hooky from work (shh) and we had this for supper. Nice.