Friday, October 24, 2008

To market, to market.

Thank you all so much for the encouragement and kind words on my last post! My new found freedom is rather exciting, although when I checked my bank balance....also a little terrifying!

My first batch of Keep Cozies were due to be dropped off at Lucky Rooster today, and quite to my surprise I had them all done and ready by last night! There was a minor hiccup with the hang tags, our computer was both out of coloured ink and internet explorer wasn't working so thank goodness for the Muji alphabet stamps I'd bought for Richard awhile back.

Armed with those and a wooden stamp from our printing stash I was able to come up with the above tags for the time being. Possibly the best part of the hang-tag project though, was watching 'Sixteen Candles' on our laptop that would for some reason only play it in German with Icelandic subtitles, 'Fred, sie bekommen ihr bossom!'
I was really happy with how the Cozies turned out, but at the same time have learnt a lot about what I might do differently next time and what stitches I have come to be obsessed with/love. I think Heather was really pleased with them too, so now we'll just have to wait and see if customers feel the same way. It was a bit of an odd feeling carting them over there, never having sold any of my own work before, and so strange no longer having them hiding in little nooks and crannies all over our house. Also a pretty vulnerable feeling I guess, creating something involves so much of yourself and now people get to walk past a window display and critique that.
Aaaanyway, I am excited about tonight and this weekend because a) I found Jane Eyre with Timothy Dalton at the Library b) I also found other exciting movies like The Red Balloon, When Harry Met Sally and My Fair Lady c) I am going thrifting with Holly d) the Parade of Lost Souls is tomorrow where I will be either Annie, Lucille Ball or Annie Hall (depending on what costume I can make and if I can find a tennis racket) and e) Julie and I are watching movies, eating and knitting under quilts and after the markets on Sunday. Oh the treats!
Time to go eat, knit and be merry. I hope you are all having a treat of a weekend, also.


lyn tupaea said...

They look amazing !!!!! Love the tags too - made with love makes a big difference -can see you making loads more when these one sell out real quick !!!!! So so proud of you xx your weekend sounds fun too (: we off to Stevie Wonder now - luv ya lots xxx mum

mine... and now yours. said...

i actually quite like the hand-done tags vs printed... and they look great. love the suitcase. do you have any pics of the hand-warmers?

Blossoming said...

The tags look perfect! And that stack of handmade loveliness is just divine. Congrats!

mine... and now yours. said...

...have i mentioned how much i LOVE these, by the way? you're just amazing to have these 'within' you.


diandra said...

the code is as follows and is "spelled" out because blogger will try to code it on us!

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handmade romance said...

LOVE the tags...a good thing the printer wasn't working I say! The Cozies are gorgeous too. Congrats on getting your first batch to store, I'm sure they will sell super fast. Oh and I really want to see The Red Balloon...have you watched it yet? Do tell if it's good.

Bird Bath said...

good luck with your Cozies - I bet they sell like hotcakes. The handprinted tags just add to their charm.