Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend escape

This weekend, some friends (2 grown-ups, 2 wee ones and a very well behaved dog), Richard and I piled into a car and headed off into the woods. After burritos to fill us up, a bit of singing and a touch of knitting we arrived at our little cabin. What a treat!
Richard reads his banned book 'The Crucible' as I knit whilst in comfy tights.

The next 3 days were spent reading, knitting, watching fun movies, eating good food, skipping stones in the river and visiting an Elvis themed greasy spoon (both the river and the greasy spoon deserve their own posts).
Cabin Play/watch-list:
- Annie Hall
- Neil Young
- Little House on the Prairie Christmas specials
- Amelie Soundtrack
- Eagle vs. Shark
- Elizabeth Mitchell
- Little Women
- Marissa Nadler
- Brady Bunch pilot episode (found at the cabin)
- Joni Mitchell
Here are a few of my favourite cabin moments....
Julie's jam and banana on toast, tea and a rock from Quinn. Good morning, Cabin!

Chopping kindling and sampling berries.

Collecting and finding

Fall colours in the valley, and folks collecting firewood


I think the fire was my favourite part, aside from the company.


lyn tupaea said...

Becka your weekend looked amazing, something straight out of a travel brochure !!!!! it really suits you and what a beautful place to relax in with your husband xxxxx mum

The Little Mama said...

Sigh. Can we go back yet? So so lovely.

handmade romance said...

looks perfect! : )