Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Joyeux anniversaire!

As it has just gone midnight, I thought now would be the perfect time to wish my dear friend Julie a very happy birthday! As you can see above (how cute is she?!), we had a wee tea party for her on Sunday night complete with lots of pink sugar, chocolate, doilies and general girlie-ness.

I even made vegan belgian biscuits, chocolate dipped shortbread and cupcakes, which were a lot of fun and rather delicious if I do say so myself. It was lovely hanging out, drinking tea, eating treats and laughing with the girls. Even if we spent most of it with our feet tucked underneath us on our chairs, terrified of the mouse that is in our house! Our cat is away....so, you know the rest.

After tea, we headed off to a fancy schmancy piano bar/cocktail lounge complete with burgundy velvet chairs, a fireplace and complimentary almonds. We sipped champagne cocktails a la An Affair To Remember and knitting while laughing at our lack of ritzi-ness (I thought the cocktail stirrers were fancy glass straws at first..!).

Have a wonderful, wonderful day my friend! I am so grateful that I met you that one day at the community center amongst screaming, wet, naked children running under fountains. We are true kindred spirits, and I have met my equal when it comes to tea loving, fireside sitting, Anne of Green Gables watching, too many ideas having and Etsy/Ravelry obsessing.

You are loved!

Becka (and Richard)



The Little Mama said...

Thank you, thank you friends, for the loveliest evening!!!
So much love and x's and o's,

Bird Bath said...

ohhh, that just sounds perfect. It sure is nice to hang out with kindered spirits.

lyn tupaea said...

What a perfect perfect day ..., made even more special with wonderful friends around you - the cocktail bar sounds like the place you had your hen's nite ??? luv ya lots xxx mum

Anonymous said...
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