Sunday, November 9, 2008

Workman's Mitts

Summer Days, Georgia O'Keefe 1936

We had an anniversary of sorts here recently, and of course Richard was a little more on the ball than I was...meaning on got my present on time and he got his a week later. Oops. I was lucky enough to get a vegetarian North African cookbook, some beautiful flowers and a biography of Georgia O'Keefe which I can't wait to start! I have always loved her work, and am looking forward to finding out more about her as a controversial art teacher and desert dwelling painter.

Richard is a big fan of The Clash, and Joe Strummer in general so I picked this book up for him (that I secretly want to read also) from Sophia's. Did anyone else see 'The Future Is Unwritten', the documentary made about Joe Strummer? Excellent, excellent. I would highly recommend if even if you've never been into The Clash. You will most likely cry, so be warned.

I also decided to make some handwarmers, as Richard works with his hands a lot and it has most definitely started getting colder! I've made a few of these, and so improvised on some of the patterns I've seen around. I LOVE wearing mine, so perfect for Vancouver's changeable weather, for chilly mornings, and knitting on the bus. It is a super easy pattern also, so why not give them a go!


Size 4mm needles

Cascade 220 yarn in 2 contrasting colours (or another yarn of similar weight, wool or alpaca will make them nice and toasty). One skein of each is easily enough to make your mitts, with plenty left over.

Yarn Needle


MC - Main Colour

CC - Contrasting Colour

St - Stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row)

BO- Bind Off


- CO 38 sts in MC.

- Work in 2x2 rib for 12 rows

- Work in St for 10 rows

- Change to CC, continue in St for 8 rows

- Change to MC, continue in St for 6 rows

- Work in 2x2 rib for 8 rows

- BO loosely


Starting from the end you bound off, sew side seams together until you reach the end of the ribbing.

Starting from the bottom (where you cast on) sew up side seams, stopping about two rows after you reach the CC. This leaves the hole for the thumb.

Weave in ends.

Even though these might look a little small, remember they will stretch. However, Richard has quite narrow hands so if you want these either bigger or smaller just increase or decrease the CO stitches as you see fit (for a woman's hands I usually cast on 32). Oh, and if you ever need any help, this site is excellent as it translates abbreviations and has videos to show you what to do!


Amber said...

Please tell me that you just put a pattern on the web.

What is YO? And, oh my, What do they mean by K2TOG?

Sigh, we all grow far too quickly.

The Little Mama said...

Fancy you!
Thank you so much for sharing, lovely!