Monday, October 12, 2009


This is just a quick post, firstly to say thanks to those of you who responded to my last post, either on here, facebook or in email. It is always good to hear both that other people understand where you're at, and also their thoughts and ideas about how they deal with stuff.

Secondly, I'm still totally lagging behind on that shop update sadly, but I've been having real trouble with the product photography and just generally being frustrated with our camera. I did snap that shot up there tonight though, partly to show you some of our new work (that's our new chalkboard size, 14"!) and partly because I'm loving the cozy light of our apartment at the moment. Its getting darker much earlier now, and we mostly use lamps to light up our place as the warm yellow glow is such so much more homey. Now that I've pulled my sweaters out, sitting here with the heat on and a belly full of thanksgiving* food & wine, with hot tea next to me, I'm rather content.

Happy Monday, friends.


* Thanksgiving is a bit of a new experience for me, as it isn't a holiday that is celebrated in New Zealand. While we have a lot to be thankful for in the present, a warm house, steady employment, food, etc I do find the idea of being 'thankful' for what is colonialism and eventually the huge genocide of First Nations peoples extremely problematic.


Sophie said...

ahh, but canadian thanksgiving is about copying the american holiday, not about any foundational myth of colonialism. there was no "first thanksgiving of pilgrims and natives" here.

this is not to deny the horrific effects of colonialism on first nations peoples here. people are always shocked when i tell them the last residential school only closed in 1996...

becka said...

Hey Sophie, thanks for your comment! I do understand what you're saying, and while I was aware that there is no Canadian version of the pilgrims and natives story, I still think it is a holiday inherently based on colonialism. Even if Canada is just copying the states, they're copying a pretty problematic celebration!

This is not to say that we can't celebrate it in a more ethical and just manner though, of course! And you're right, 1996....thats crazy.

Urban Environmentalist said...

Not to mention the mass killing of turkies for the occasion!

Hello Becka! I feel as though I have been missing out on reading your blog for ohhh the last month and a half or so. Now that I'm all caught up on the latest... glad to hear Thanksgiving atleast gave you the opportunity to enjoy some wine and fill your belly with food. Such a good feeling as the cold weather sets in! I'm so excited for more store updates! I'll have to get on making up my christmas list!

dahlhaus said...

I think that Thanksgiving in Canada has a bit more to do with bringing in the harvest- much like a 'harvest festival/october fest' kind of occasion. It's hard not to peg us on the colonial issue- Canada is fraught with this colonial history alongside other countries that share in our shame. As a Canadian, I guess I feel like 'Canadian Thanksgiving' celebrates being grateful for what we have and the abundance of it more than it 'celebrating' a historic event...this is why there are no parades/enactments/stories of an event that are passed along during Thanksgiving, it's just a reason to get together with family and friends and eat a meal together.