Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My place and Yours: On the Shelf.

Pip has started a fun new meme over at Mikes called My Place & Yours, where each someone chooses a place or perspective and you then post an image or two of that place. A lovely way to take time and think about simple, every day things and views, and then to go and take a peek at those same things from everyone elses perspectives.

The theme for this week was 'On the shelf'. Here is our record shelf (ok, shelves), jam packed full. Sadly not all the records make it onto the shelf as we long ago ran out of room and am somehow unable to stop buying more. Aside from of course the record listening, something I really love about records is seeing them just like this. Spines all pressed tight together, there colours making patterns from afar.

What's on your shelf? You can see some more shelves by heading over here!


mon ami said...

yeah! I was so inspired by your records when I was over the other night that I finally hooked up my turntable. Now for the collection to grow....

Pip Lincolne said...

This looks like our living room! What could be better than putting on a record and having a little bit of a dance about? Although I am a very bad dancer! Thanks for joining in! Yay! xx

Lauren said...

Oh lovely! We've given up trying to fit our music collection on shelves... the vinyl is stacked next to the fireplace in an ever growing row. You have a very lovely blog. I've enjoyed reading.

Bek said...

How nice to have a collection such as that so close at hand! You're right, they do look pretty cool all squished together in their rows!

Jen Chandler said...

Hi there! I wandered over from an Etsy email I received this morning. Lovely, lovely blog (and Etsy shop!).

My husband would be jealous of all your records. We have a modest collection (and an old turn table to boot) but nothing quite so spectacular!