Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Fall Weekend

Weekend-ing meant; a new quilt for the bed, new bookmarks in the making (apple and orange wood, that smell amazing), found wooden shoe forms, neighbourhood walks and flannel shirts, fabric scraps (I love how this photo tricks you into thinking that save from that one piece of fabric, our floor is spotless. Ahem..), collections, autumn leaves, new boots in need of new laces, kitten snuggling.
(You know that shop update I said was coming? It is, I promise! Only I found more clock parts and got distracted by embroidery, so it is now this coming Friday. Also, Jessica has done a wee interview with us over on her lovely blog. Go take a peek, there is a giveaway there, too!)


kate / tinywarbler said...

hi becka!
first off, so happy that grayling is doing better. i know how hard it is to have a beloved pet who is sick, you feel so helpless.
and those bookmarks are sweet. i like the signing ones.
see you in december- we'll be at got craft together!

lesley said...

looks like a perfect weekend to me! love your pics. i see from kate's comment you'll be at Got Craft, too! exciting, i'm so looking forward to meeting some more vancouver crafty folk!
:) -lesley [smidgebox]

lyndsay said...

gorgeous little collection of fall photos.. love it... tells such a warm and bright and crispy fall leaves little story!! :)

ExcUsE mY frEnch said...

really great pictures !

Sara said...

just discovered your blog through the my place and your meme. this post is just. so. lovely! i wish that was my weekend. keep up the good work, i'll definitely be back to visit!
xx sara