Monday, September 28, 2009


Hello, and thank you all for your thoughtful comments on my last post! Like I said, we're so pleased to have Grayling home and it seems like he is doing much, much better. I think I'm probably watching him a little more closely than I need to, but really its not hard to give him lots of loving. We actually thought we'd lost Ursula this morning, as she fell off our balcony last night! She isn't the most graceful of cats, so I imagine she figured out how to jump up onto the railing and then fell right down the other side. I went down to our downstairs neighbour as early as I possibly could, and eventually he noticed her little tail poking out from a crawl space where she was terrified (she's the most nervous cat) and shaking. Thank goodness as we could hear raccoons fighting down below where she would have landed had she tried to escape the courtyard!

Anyway, it was making Monday here again today (with yet another lovely tea drinking interlude with Heather from Lucky Rooster) which was perfect for the cold chilly day we had. We're working towards a small shop update on Friday with some clocks and bookmarks. We found a couple of great looking alphabets (one from a vintage children's book and one using sign language) and have printed them on some cherry and mahogany bookmarks. The full alphabets will be available in the shop on Friday!

And now for some totally unrelated, but important nonetheless, links to check out...

- I read over here a both heartbreaking and inspiring story about the amazing woman who runs a feminist vegetarian restaurant and bookstore in Connecticut.

- Kate Harding on Roman Polanski, a piece I was so happy to read after hearing the many cries of 'But he's so talented!' or 'It happened so long ago!' Yes, and yes. Neither makes it ok for him to be above the law.

- The Lovely Letterbox, a mail subscription service that offers special packages and items arriving in your mailbox each month for six months!

- I love Glee. Especially Jane Lynch and almost everything Kurt has to say.

- Not a link, but I just wanted to let you all know that it is almost midnight and I am eating a giant bowl of triple chocolate ice cream.



Wayside Violet said...

love this bookmarks! so pretty!

handmade romance said...

the bookmarks look lovely.
more importantly YAY for triple choc icecream i want some!! probably lucky there is none in the house i can feel my arse expanding as i sit here. really should get up soon ; )

oh and the quilt in the background of those pics looks gorgeous!!!

jodi said...

oh so sorry i haven't popped in here for a while. busy, busy, I'm sure you know. hapy to see that you're well x

gigi? yes ma'am said...

i just bought your earrings from barefoot contessa, and they are the prettiest little things.

a mghty thank you!


melbournegirl said...

fantastic - cute and practical!