Friday, September 18, 2009

Mary Travers, 1936-2009

I have long been a big Peter, Paul and Mary fan. Especially a Mary Travers fan. While they did get a little schmaltzy in the later years there (and always looked very, very earnest), whenever I listen to their early albums or watch them perform at some rally or another I totally fall in love with both their amazing harmonies and desire to see justice done.

While I know, of course, that there are still artists today who are involved politically. Also, not all musicians in the folk scene were political or lefties, but there is definitely part of me that really identifies with how folk musicians used music as their protest and in their activism. Mary Travers died last night as she suffered from leukemia, and I must admit that there were a few tears shed as I watched the footage of them on Democracy Now!, she was so beautiful and passionate. So, I'm going to leave you with a little video that hopefully you enjoy, and rather than hearing a song you've sung a million times in primary school with the hippy hold out teacher, you'll see a woman fighting for equality and justice.

I feel like I may have posted this video before...but it's hands down my favourite song of their's, enjoy!


mon ami said...

I heard an archive interview with her from 1978 on CBC last night. She talked about how as a group Peter, Paul and Mary would argue about lyrics and refuse to sing certain songs that didn't align with their beliefs. It made me think about all the mindless lyrics out there today and how I wish there were more outspoken artists getting mainstream air play.

Ok, I just made myself sounds really old. (At least I didn't say - "those kids today". But it is true!

thanks for sharing great music once again


Indie.Tea said...

I dont know a lot about Peter, Paul, and Mary...but your description leads me to think that Mary must have been an amazing artist, but also an amazing person.

Kaylovesvintage said...

I"m sorry to hear that,she was so pretty

Lauren said...

I grew up listening and singing along to this inspiring trio and am so sad she is gone. Thank you so very much for posting the video!

becka said...

I'm so glad you all enjoyed this, it's so nice to have been able to share it with you folks.