Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rested and relaxed

Our weekend away was so, so good. Lovely and mellow, filled with friends, good conversation, delicious foods and lots of cuddles from crazy cute wee ones. We've both come home feeling so relaxed and just generally full of goodness. We spent the weekend really just hanging out with our friends, going antiquing, eating veggies direct from their garden and the like. It's amazing how enriching and refreshing spending time with like minded people can be. I've come home feeling so much more content and focused than when I left. Julie is such a kindred spirit (we're both big Anne of Green Gables fans...), and it was really nice just to soak that up.

I have a full day off tomorrow, which excites me to no end, and so I plan to put this house in order. Fall is almost completely here and I feel a nesting bug coming on.

I hope you are all well where you are!



REread said...

what a cutie pie .. love the expression

The Little Mama said...

It was so lovely to have you. I am so looking forward to seeing you again next month!
Thanks so much for coming out!


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