Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, Monday

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that Monday went easy on you. (Very) luckily for me I have Mondays off and so I got to have a lazy start to the day with blackberry jam on toast and Ravelry to browse. I'm looking for a little something to knit with that lovely tweed (procured from the equally lovely Chelsea) and I'm debating between a few different scarves and wraps. I'm so excited for Fall!

Oh, hello beautiful Anthro mug!

I've been finding a bit of a rhythm in my mornings lately, which I'm enjoying. Getting up a little earlier(ish) while Richard is still asleep from his night shift the night before, and spending time with a book (alright, alright and/or blogs) and a cuppa. Its the perfect time to think about what I'd like to get done in the day, make up a to-do list and now that colder weather is approaching, getting the crockpot started for lunch or dinner. To be clear, this rhythm only appears on the mornings I don't go to work strangely enough. The mornings I do have to go into work the only rhythm is that of me resetting my alarm multiple times with a whinge or two thrown in for good measure.

Happy Monday!



natalie said...

I can't wait to see what you make with the tweed, it's gorgeous! And the jam looks yum. :)

Chelsea said...

Oh I am so happy to see that yard all wound and ready for knitting. Its been far too long of a wait for it, I think. I just want to crawl right into that photograph. +Chelsea

May said...

oh i love that mug!!happy knitting!