Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bake Sale: Help us rebuild our small business resources.

This is a bit of an uncomfortable blog post for me to write. Probably hence why I spent most of my time making that slightly insane image of us inside some kind of sugar fueled laptop? Anyway, it's not a real bake sale, although I kind of wish it was because those cakes look amazing to me right now, but instead  it's our way of asking for a bit of help.

We've decided to run a short and sweet campaign over at Indiegogo to help us purchase a new (but refurbished, so not totally new and not new computer prices) laptop and desktop now that I have to return my leased one and Richard's old laptop is on it's very last legs. It feels very weird to be asking for money, I'll be honest. But, I know that I love to support things like this and that we are part of a pretty awesome community here so we're putting ourselves out there.

Here's an excerpt from our campaign story:

'Finding work since has been difficult due to the job market in small town New Zealand along with coping with the loss of my sister, however thankfully we are both now employed in jobs that we are very excited about. During the time we were looking for work, the Macbook came in handy again as I took a web/graphic design course and have been able to work on a few freelance projects. Thus far they have been for non-profits (such as the camp I grew up at) and the small businesses of people we love (including helping  T’s mum get her former brick and mortar store up and running online). Richard has print production training which has meant that we collaborate on most of these projects, and are looking forward to working together on the design and branding for the foundation being started to help families with children in hospital, in honour of T.
Sadly, as I am no longer working at the school that leased me the Macbook, I now have to send it back. Aside from being perhaps unreasonably attached to it (it’s so sleek and shiny!), with our other computer probably not having much life left in it, we have come to really rely on this machine. We have grand plans for being able to work with non-profits, community groups and small, independent business in terms of design and branding – as well as continuing and growing Bliss in a Teacup. However to do so without a reliable computer will be virtually impossible. This is where (hopefully) you come in.' 

You can read the rest, including where exactly the money will be going, here.  

Richard has worked on some really great pieces for the perks you will receive if you choose to contribute. A hand printed t-shirt and tote, as well as a beautiful limited edition art print. 

We understand that times are tough for a number of us, and that money can only stretch so far. Any contribution, large or small will be hugely appreciated. Of course, if you're unable to contribute financially but would like to help we would love it if you could spread the word via your blogs, email, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platforms you might use. 

Thank you so much in advance, you're the best. 

Becka & Richard 
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