Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday, Monday: Day Late edition

image from the spring issue of kinfolk, found via old faithful shop and i believe the flowers are the genius of amy merrick. dream everything. 

Sorry this Monday, Monday post is a day late, although I guess it's kind of perfect when talking about feeling pulled between the two hemispheres. I've started my new job, which is great and just in the afternoons. However, this does mean learning to love getting up in the morning and getting back into a normal sleep routine now that Richard is working nights again.

Looking out my window this morning there is pretty much nothing springlike in the air, save for a few hardy geraniums. It was like magic, as soon as the calendar turned to March the leaves started to turn and our front yard is now a carpet of yellow. While Autumn is my favourite season, I can't help but swoon over all the pretty pastels and flowers the northern hemisphere is tempting me with at the moment. It's with each season change that I more truly realise we're in opposite land down here. Even though I am completely ready for the days to get cooler (and for some rain, we're in a drought down here), I can always be reeled back in my soft colours and giant ice creams.

Bits & Pieces

- Evie has done a fabulous (not a word I usually use, but it was the only one that fit in this occasion) round up of jungle inspired rooms and wallpaper inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel and wishing for rain.
- I meant to post this ages ago but it kept slipping my mind: Some books I like that you might like, by Jessica Stanley. It's the motherload of books to read, and they're all by women. Some I've read, some I've been meaning to read (story of my life) and some totally new to me. I love getting good book recommendations so hopefully you'll find some gems in here, too! I love how she's categorised them, also.
- Pretty late to the game here, but I have no shame about wanting to add this album to my collection (iPhone).
- Tomorrow Is Not A Suitable Day For Doing Things.

Thank you to everyone who commented or sent messages in response to my last post. It's so good to know that we share these experiences, because I hope that it means we share the solutions, too.

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