Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Flower Potluck: A New Zealand Kinfolk Gathering

Those of you familiar with Kinfolk Magazine will likely be familiar with the dinners they have been holding throughout the US and now further abroad. The Kinfolk manifesto celebrates small gatherings, the sharing of food and a balanced, intentional lifestyle. This year they have moved into once monthly gatherings based around a theme or the learning of a new skill such as baking, making home cleaning products, beekeeping and outdoor cooking. I have loved the magazine since it started and always wished to attend one of their dinners so I am so excited to let you know that Richard and I will be representing Kinfolk here in New Zealand!

Our first gathering will be a Flower Potluck at my dad's vineyard here in Hawkes Bay on May 3rd, where we will eat delicious platters of local cheeses, breads, preserves and dukkah as well as take part in a wine tasting. Autumnal flowers will be on hand but we also ask that the guests bring blooms and foliage of their own to share, just like a traditional potluck dinner, and we will learn to make bouquets together. If you'd like to come along, you can find more information and purchase your tickets here. Spaces are limited to 20 so please buy your tickets soon if you would like to come.

While this and possibly a couple of the other gatherings will take place in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand is full of clever people that I would love to both share a meal with and show off so the plan is to spread the events around the country to ensure as many people can attend as possible.

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