Monday, April 8, 2013

Southward Bound

Last Friday we started on our three week journey around the South Island with our Canadian whanau, via a couple of nights in my favourite - Wellington. We were only in the capital for a short while so I made sure to stuff myself full of veggie po' boys, curly fries and and a shake at Sweet Mothers Kitchen while making many plans of what we'll do when we get to return.

We then hopped a ferry across the Cook Straight to the South Island, which is just one of the most incredibly beautiful journey's I can think of doing. Such a proud kiwi. I took about a billion photos along the way, but here are a few Instagram snaps for now. Watching the water change colour as we went through the choppy open waters into the stillness of the sounds was mesmerising. After a quick lunch by the water on the other side, we drove down the coast with snow capped mountains on the otherside. Seriously, it doesn't get much better. That bottom right photo is the seal colony we stopped to watch along the way and if you looked really closely you can see the babies playing in the tide pool. As we drove off Richard sighed, 'I love nature!' So nerdy and so true. Take a look over here for a quick little video and injection of cuteness if you like!

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