Thursday, April 4, 2013

The break.

As I've mentioned we've been in drought here for what seems like ages. I love the sun but living out of the city where it gets pretty dusty and how dry the hills are is so apparent, I have been so ready for it to break. Over the past couple of weeks it has tricked me a few times, I've pulled the quilt on and off the bed and even this morning I put on some wool leggings to meet the chill in the air but then had to change after getting completely hot and bothered. Finally though, not long after, the rain came.
I often work sitting outside on the deck with this crabapple tree in view, so it has been a bit of a gauge of seasonal change starting from before any fruit or green shoots had appeared just before spring last year. It smelt incredible when I was taking those rainy photos, the ripeness of the fruit effectively baking in the sun. While I'm not a bit wearer of red, I can't seem to get enough of the burnt orangey tones of those tiny sour apples. 

We're off to Wellington tomorrow to start the southern leg of our New Zealand family tour. I have the feeling I'll be getting the colder weather I've been craving down there. I can't wait for mountains and lakes!

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