Sunday, April 28, 2013

Te Waipounamu

Last Wednesday we returned home from our almost 3 week trip around the South Island with our visiting Canadian family, a bit tired and laden with treats (cheese, fudge, rose petal mint tea, cider and the like) from the various farmers markets and artisans visited along the way. Someone commented on one of my Instagram photos that New Zealand is a landscape miracle, which really is true. I'm so glad we decided to do it as a road trip and driving through the alps or passing by seal colonies on the Kaikoura coast with snowy mountains to the right of us will be pretty enduring memories. We are lucky people in this little island country of ours.

I've taken approximately a million photos, so I'll take my time posting them on here along with a heads up on some of the favourite places we visited. For now, I'm so happy to be back in my own bed and getting back into a bit of a routine. There's also our Kinfolk Flower Potluck coming up this Friday so be  sure to get your tickets if you haven't already!
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