Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Living Doll

I'm running a little behind on my doll plans for the Tiny Eyes Winter Collaboration, mostly due to indecision and trying to edit down some of the many different ideas I've got mulling about. Even though I've been saying this same thing for a couple of days now, tonight I plan to sit down and do a final drawing out of my doll. I've got some fabric that needs dyeing and then it will be all bundled off to Dee - I can't wait to see her work her magic!

Once I moved past the theme of 'clothes I want' I decided to write down the things that motivate Richard and I as we design for Bliss in a Teacup, and how we want our work to be perceived. I found myself leaning towards natural materials, fibres and textiles. To tradition and handcraft that speaks of warmth and comfort. All with a modern simplicity. Of course there's a little hippiness, and a little witchy women in there, too. I've collected some of my favourite pieces of inspiration here to show you. Pop over to my board to see more!

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