Sunday, June 23, 2013


1. At the florists picking up a birthday bunch. 2. Ursula would be happy for Richard to work a nightshift forever if it meant someone was always in bed. 3. Peak Hour in Maraekakaho (har har). 4 & 5. When the lovely Morven from Antipodes saw on Instagram that I was taking part in a 10 day sugar cleanse, she offered to ship me a case of beautiful sparkling water. 6. Some custom bookmarks for favours and place settings at a fancy party (more on this to come!) 7. Babysitting. The sweetest. 8. New boots for winter, grey suede numbers that I have fallen in love with. 

A few recent iPhone snaps due to busyness and leaving my camera at a friends place for a couple of weeks. They're all taken with the VSCO Cam, an app I have been really loving using lately. The filters are really beautiful and the journal is full of inspiration and tutorials I'm super keen to try out. Happy Monday!

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