Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We're well and truly into winter here and with temperatures dropping I've been on the hunt for the perfect woollen sweater. I've got a project on the needles (a big, squishy loop scarf in beautiful marled merino/alpaca) and am indulging in as much soup as I can (soup is my favourite, this is not a difficult task). My mile-a-minute brain is wont to get overwhelmed by ideas and plans at the best of times, but during winter when there's so much yarn about I can potentially spend more time looking at knitting patterns than actually working on them. This winter I've tried to narrow it down to my first pair of socks (which will be made in a lovely pale grey Knitsch yarn I picked up at Holland Road), a Petawawa Cable Toque from Goodnight, Day and a larger garment that I'm still deciding on. I have visions of a slouchy jumper or a loose and slightly cropped number to wear over dresses. Here's a bit of inspiration I've been pulling together over on Pinterest to keep you cozy. 

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