Thursday, June 20, 2013

Winter Solstice

The weather here in New Zealand has left no doubts that we're deep in the middle of winter, as did how dark it was this morning when I drove to pick Richard up from his nightshift. For the non-local readers, half the country is covered in snow and the rest of us are battling insane winds or rain. Or both. I've moved my workstation to the dining table to be close to the fire and am planning an inside only weekend. Secretly a bit excited about it, to be honest.

Here's some bits + pieces to keep you warm and inspired over the weekend!

- Beet Bourguignon. I made this winter warmer a couple weeks ago with some garlic mashed potato and it was delicious! Next time I might add some mushroom ketchup or a bit of soy sauce to give it a bit more of a savoury flavour, but other than that it's perfect. Chargrilling the mushrooms before adding them to the stew is genius.

- When I saw a sneak peek on the Boots & Pine Facebook page of the Robber Spring/Summer lookbook I was so excited to see the finished product. What a dream team! It came out today and it did not disappoint. I love that they've used sets of real-life best friends, so many babes. Check it out here!

- Remember how I've been looking for the perfect knitted sweater? Well, Elizabeth at Primoeza creates the most beautiful knitted garments. I love following her Instagram, too. It's full of inspiring images and has a really calm, soothing vibe.

- The Hairpin has been really hitting out of the park lately (did you read the post on eating very specific feelings? So funny.) and these two posts were particularly good. Six Fairytales for the Modern Woman: These themes, numbers 1 & 2 in particular, came up a lot when I was teaching at high school. Lots of girls were amazed that I didn't have kids or that I had kept my last name or that I didn't think getting married was the most important life goal to have. What I tried to share with them, and what I love about this post, is that there is a range of different things you can do with your life. That being a decent, well-rounded and fulfilled person is what is important and that there are many, many ways of that happening without a prince. Secondly, an Interview with a Person Who's Mom Came Out of the Closet: The interviews are one of my favourite things on The Hairpin. I really enjoy the casual, conversational style that really emphasises the humanity of the interviewee and subject - and in this case the normalcy.

- 30 Days of Desserts. Need I say more? Also, lots of these are either sugar, dairy or gluten free, or a combination of all three so there is something for everyone. Bon appetit!

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