Sunday, September 7, 2008

I sure wish I could yodel.

Today was a lovely mellow day. Sleeping in, hanging out and chatting with Richard, lunch on The Drive at little nest, chatting about consignment possibilities with Heather at Lucky Rooster (love), thrifting and a walk home past Casa Gelato aka my dream world. I even got to wear my new etsy purchase from the wonderful Rhiannon at Toast Clothing. I love, love it. So perfect for a sunny day, comfy and comes with a little piece of home (that's a fantail on the hip!). Make sure you check out her store and blog, so good.

Tonight was especially exciting, as we were able to make our first dish using veggies from our garden. Hoorah! Well, technically we have used the basil, but I don't think that quite counts like this does. When I got home from our trip out, I noticed that our rainbow chard had totally wilted in the sun and I think it was also just getting a little big. So I gave it a big drink and decided to harvest some of it tonight. It was delicious! I made a lime coriander noodle dish with tofu (when I say dish, really I just made it up) and it was simple and lovely.

Just saute some mushrooms and capsicum (bell pepper) in olive oil and garlic for awhile, throw in your chard and continue to saute for another 5 min or so. I then covered the pan to let it all steam together for a few minutes. Thoroughly squeeze half or a whole lime over the veggies and add coriander depending on how strong a flavour you like. Add enough noodles for the desired end amount and saute for 5-10 min. Throw in some tofu and heat through so all the flavours and goodness mix together. Voila! Haha, not so exact I know, but it is very simple. I'll write down the recipe next time I make it.
I'll leave you with this, my accompaniment for the evening.