Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So here's the thing.

the lovely Camila Engman, art and blog that i am enjoying at the moment

Another alone day at work, and of course this leads to various blog following....and wishing this wasn't my job. Of course, there are aspects of working at the gallery that are good. I get to be surrounded by amazing art all day, and stare at the giant Riopelle mosaic we have on our wall. I get paid pretty decent, and obviously have a lot of free time on certain days!

In my free time, I've been browsing the Women's Workplace Wednesdays flickr group, and seeing all these amazing studios (especially Camila Engman's studio, swoon) and spaces where women get to work from home, be creative, enjoy what they're doing, and have cool desks. I
know its not all about that, and that maybe not all these women are happy with their jobs - so really I am being a little facetious, but the thing is that some of them are doing exactly those things. And surely, so can I.

Here is the thing. The thing is this....well. Ideally, I want to doula and create. I want to be at home when Richard is at home (our schedules are almost opposite at the moment) and chat, and create, and
hang out. I want to have the free time to become involved in my community, because heaven knows my community in particular needs people to become invested in it. Hmmm.

This was not at all supposed to sound like I'm whingeing. Because, really the fact is that I've been inspired by so many people who have chosen to work, or really live, in a way they feel is authentic. Authenticity, huh Kate? It's what we come back to, every time.

So I bought this book recently, and I'm loving it ( I also love their blog too, which is more than worth a look). I'm loving the fact that it is not at all your classic business-y book, and that they're not all about making money and nice guys finish last, etc. And (never start a sentence with and, I know) they're women. Brill. I'm gonna do it! I'll still nanny (because I love them, and I love that they give me money for playing). I'm going to make Keep Cozies, get involved in the community garden, make from scratch more, support women, love my neighbours, drink tea, sleep in, advocate and resist the repression of the DTES, and sit in the sun. Not in an office with literally no windows.

The other thing is, I realise and want to make a point of noting, that I am in a pretty privileged position to even be able to contemplate this move. We are by no means wealthy, but we're comfortable and I have a stable, supportive husband. I also have a very supportive family. I am completely aware that this is not a reality for a lot of people, and that not only do they not have the support of their families, they also do not have the support of their communities or society. Obviously, having a beautiful craft blog, working from home or being able to create the perfect studio space is not the be all and end all - but having the chance to live a fulfilling and authentic life you love, is. It is so important to me, that people get to experience this freedom, so all the more reason for me to do so myself. And change the system I guess (crazy communist/anarchist/feminist/socialist/'insert leftist label here' that I am).

Am I making sense?

On a side (but related note), my lovely friend Julie and I have completed our website for our doula business, Blossoming Bellies. You should all check it out, and thank you THANK YOU to our lovely husbands for doing so much of the hard work for us (art work and website making). Bring on the mamas!


The Little Mama said...

Oh, Becka. Sigh...

Shannon said...

becka just read your blog - what can i say ???? love you heaps - thta make soooo much sense and is so what you are xxxx mum

Sadye said...

Becka this post really hit home with me! I am right there with you wanting to create a life of doing what you love, not having to get ready to go work for someone else everyday wishing you were doing something of more meaning & depth. I think it is important to have the suppport, and the strength, and faith to take the jump. I believe you have all the right tools to create that for yourself! hats off to you! I enjoy reading your blog even though we have never met, there is sense of understanding and support. Congrats on the Blossming Bellies, I think this world needs more women like you doing what you want to do. Being able to connect with another woman in that time in her life, and help her is an amazing gift. I wish you all the best, because that is what you deserve.

Emira said...

Hi Becka! Nice to "meet you" and thanks so much for the kind words about our book. What you've expressed -- your journey into striking out on your own -- is the kind of story that contributes to making our project of writing the book so very satisfying.

Not sure if time or schedule would permit, but from your post (and the mention of DTES) I think you're in Vancouver, and we're doing a signing at Chapters on Robson today. We'd love to meet you in person if you can swing by.